3 Powerful Questions To Ask At Every First Consultation

 In Medial Practice

Attention: health practitioners..

If you’ve done all the hard work to get your new patient to your office in the first place – you absolutely have to know how to CONVERT them into a full paying patient and help make an impact in their lives.

And here’s the thing.

The questions you ask at that first consultation will determine the success of the outcome that you are looking for.

If you want your patients to pay higher prices and book out a full plan of care – then you have to be asking consultative style questions at your initial evaluation.

These questions will completely change the way people see you, they will help people see the value in what you do, will make people much more likely to pay higher fees, and most importantly, will help you make sure people go on to complete their full plan of care and see a complete transformation.

Question 1:

“What value would this bring to your life if we could solve this problem for you in the next few weeks?”

This question brings to the front of the persons brain WHY they are really going to invest time and money with you. Do not take for granted that just because they are in front of you, that they know!

Question 2:

“What’s important to you when choosing a Physical Therapist/ Chiropractor, Nutritionist..etc?”

This question will tell you what they VALUE, and what they VALUE in YOU! It gets them to focus on the fact that they are there to make a decision – hopefully on you!

Question 3:

“What’s your current understanding of what I will do for you?…”

If they think it’s just about pain relief, weight loss, treatment etc…, then knowing this from the beginning gives you a chance to change their understanding; meaning they will most likely stay on schedule longer.

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